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The Climb

Your Time is Now!


             LIVE, GROW, & THRIVE    With Coach John Foltz            

The Climb is Not a diet, It’s a way of life!

For men and based on the Primal Health Blueprint to eat, move, live, and play in a natural way.

Eating great food while losing weight, increasing energy, and improving your overall health. No counting calories, starving yourself, or eating tiny portions!

Uses “The Seven Ropes” to help you institute change and climb into great health by addressing the whole individual.

Faith based to encourage men in their relationship with God and to live life to the fullest. We want you to be healthy physically and spiritually so you can be the best man, father, husband friend, and servant God created you to be.

Renew your passion and zeal for life. Stop surviving and start thriving. 

Your Time is Now!



hi there!

I'm John Primal health coach and Pharmacist

285 to 195lbs !

Thank you for visiting The Climb Community website. Let me begin by welcoming you and making it clear that I am not a doctor or a pastor. I am a pharmacist and health coach who with a passion to help others. I am a man who has struggled through life gaining wisdom and learning lessons along the way. I am a man who has transformed his health and faith in the last few years and want to help other men do the same.

 I know your pain and struggles, and I can help you because I have:

Been overweight most of my life, so I know the emotional and physical toll of being obese.

I tried and failed multiple diets over the years, so I know the frustration and emotional pain of failure.

I have struggled with food, alcohol, tobacco, and technology addiction and understand how addiction works and the toll it has on a man’s soul.

I have experienced divorce, bankruptcy, losing my job, loneliness, anxiety, depression, addiction, brokenness, uncontrolled anger, resentment, and running away to an island for 4 years.


 But I also:

Successfully lost 90lbs and kept it off.

Quit smoking for good and became a smoking cessation counselor.

Broke my dependence on food, alcohol, and tobacco addiction.

Earned two health coaching certifications, becoming a certified primal health coach.

Am healthier at age 51 than I was when I was 31.

Have 28years of experience working in a clinical setting as a hospital pharmacist and have a great knowledge health, medications, and natural and herbal remedies.

I have experienced God’s grace and forgiveness and he has placed a calling on my heart to help other men improve their health and life.

 Will you join me on The Climb ?