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Coach John Before & After

About The Climb

Let me take a moment to introduce myself. My name is John Foltz and I have been a pharmacist for over 28 years. I graduated in 1992 from the University of Pittsburgh School of Pharmacy and have worked in retail, long term care, and hospital settings. For the last several years of my career I have worked  in the hospital setting as a clinical staff pharmacist. I am also a certified health coach through The National Society of Health Coaching and The Primal Health Coach Institute. I am a proud father and happily married to my wife Adaze. You may be thinking wow, coach John has it all together. But if it wasn’t for my Christian faith, I am not sure where I would be today, probably in jail or dead. My relationship with God is the most important relationship in my life followed by my family.   

** If you would prefer non-faith based health coaching available for men or women. I offer a similar coaching program geared for physician offices and individuals on my business website www.integratedhealthrx.com

                                                                                      About the Climb

  • Addresses seven areas of your health and life that challenge you to incorporate healthy diet and lifestyle changes that will help improve energy, boost your immune system, reduce inflammation, lose weight, and feel great. We call these The Seven Ropes and each can be used pull you further towards your goal.
  • As your health coach my job is to listen to you, prepare you, guide you, encourage you, provide education and information, and hold you accountable. I actually think Health guide or sherpa is a better title than coach.
  • You are in control of your climb! While we will make recommendations that include making some specific dietary changes, they are just that recommendations. We will work with you to create an eating plan that you are comfortable with and most importantly that you can sustain. You can set the pace! If you are all in and want to be aggressive in making change and crushing your goal then we will help you achieve that, but if you prefer to ease into change and slowly implement change we will help you do that. Remember this is not a diet its a journey( a climb) to permanent lifestyle change and reaching your goals.
  • The climb uses visualization of climbing a mountain to create a unique and engaging journey to implementing change. When we visualize an act, the brain generates an impulse that tells our neurons to “perform the movement”. This creates a new neural pathway — clusters of cells in our brain that work together to create memories or learned behaviors — that primes our body to act in a way consistent to what we imagined. How cool is that!

                                                                                    Your Time is Now!

  • You can choose between a 90 day climb or a 6 month climb. Research has shown that it takes a minimum of 90 days for a change to become a habit.
  • Get weekly one-on-one 45min. coaching calls for the first month, then bi-weekly coaching calls for the remainder of your climb.
  • 10 day Prepare to Climb Challenge. Receive a daily email with action steps to prepare you for success. 
  • Downloadable Seven Ropes, Climb Journal , food and movement tracking sheets, recommended food list.
  • Access to The Climb Community PRIVATE Facebook page to engage with other climbers. this will be a place to give and receive encouragement, tips, and educational content. We will share recipes, cooking tips, and  inspirational posts. (Note: We are looking at using a different platform from Facebook as one of our recommendations is to drastically cut down our device use and especially social media. But for now we are using Facebook and will teach and challenge you to set limits.)

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Traditional Private health Coaching

If faith based is not your thing, I offer a very similar health and wellness program that I market to physician offices and individuals. This program is geared for men and women. You can find out more about this coaching program by clicking below.

The Climb faith based Health Coaching For men

With 28 years of healthcare experience as a pharmacist and specially trained in active listening, motivational interviewing, and Ancestral Health. I have created a unique faith based health and wellness program for men that uses visualization of climbing a mountain to lead men into implementing positive health and life changes.